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CD Inlay Printing in Colchester and Ipswich

CD Inlay printing in Colchester

CD and DVD inlays are designed to fit comfortably into the rear of a standard CD jewel case or DVD case. Not only do they provide you with the opportunity to share more information about your brand or about the CD or DVD that the case contains, but they make the finished product look far more professional, and can feature any design to match your brand identity.

CD and DVD inlays can be used for a variety of purposes. For music CDs, they will generally feature track listings, while for DVDs you may use them to give details about the production. Inlays will often feature bar codes and production information, but can be used to meet whatever requirements you may have.

For CD Inlay design, contact our sister company Stuart Design.

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Inserts, Trays and Booklets

CD Tray Inlays are 150mm x 118mm flat size and designed to fit in a standard Jewel case. They are printed on 150gm Gloss Art paper and perforated twice. They can be printed single or double sided.

CD and DVD Inserts

CD and DVD inserts are 120mm x 120mm square. Price as A5 on pages 4 & 5 (115gm), 6 & 7 (150gm), 8 & 9 (200gm), 10 & 11 (280gm) or 16 & 17 (non standard stocks). DVD Inserts are 273mm x 182mm. Price as A4 on the same pages.

CD and DVD Books and Booklets

CD and DVD Books and Booklets are 120mm square for CD booklets and 120mm x 180mm for DVD booklets. Please specify which booklet you require.

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