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Equest Postcard Printing in Colchester and Ipswich

Equest Postcard printing in Colchester

Our equest postcards make the perfect promotional tool. When sent through the post, postcards as a promotional tool have an instant impact as recipients will read them straight away without looking at an envelope to decide whether or not to read the contents. You can also choose to have postcards printed for a range of other reasons: if you work for a tourist site, for example, you may wish to have postcards of your destination printed for people to send home.

We offer both standard and equest postcards, with the equest option being printed on higher quality card and individually watermarked.

For Equest Postcard design, contact our sister company Stuart Design.

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Fully FSC compliant this new range is being hailed in the industry as the new benchmark in terms of quality and usability. equest sets the standard in terms of sheet smoothness and whiteness.


Our equest® paper and board. Fully FSC compliant this new range is being hailed in the industry as the new benchmark in terms of quality and usability. It has several unique features which explain why it is rapidly establishing itself as the new market leader.


equest® sets the standard in terms of sheet smoothness and whiteness. equest® is guaranteed ink jet and laser compatible and is great to work with. It makes a definite statement when it arrives on someone’s desk or is presented as a Business Card.

Being fully FSC compliant means that it can bear the FSC logo to signal that the company presenting the Business Card, Letterhead or Compliment Slip really cares about the environment and has made a positive contribution.

Unique Features

equest® is the only material which is not only watermarked on Letterheads but also on every Compliment Slip. With other brands, where the Compliment Slips are printed on Letterhead paper the watermark ends up being only on every third Compliment Slip - rather disconcerting for a ‘quality’ product. With equest® you can be sure that every slip will be watermarked like every other.

The matching equest® Business Card stock is a solid 400gm. This means you can now have fabulous stationery and impressive Business Cards at the same time. With the advent of equest®, flimsy Business Card compromises which have previously undermined quality presentations are in the past! equest® Throughout equest® can form the start and finish of your printing. The 400gm Business Card material can also be specified for Invitation Cards and Postcardsand the same equest® quality can be chosen for your Envelopes and Corporate Booklets.

Image is important, make sure you present your business in the best possible light.

Watermarked Equest®

The majority of orders are for watermarked equest® which allows us to achieve economies of production. Un-watermarked equest® is rarely ordered. We are pleased to print un-watermarked but there are extra production costs which we must reflect in the price.

Please Note: The nature of this material means that it may not be suitable for jobs with heavy solid ink coverage. If you are unsure of the suitability of your job for this material please give us a call.

Bespoke Sizes

If your particular size is not detailed simply specify your requirements and price as the next size up. E.g. For a 210mm x 210mm postcard simply price as a A4 (297mm x 210mm). We make no additional charge for cutting down to a bespoke size.

The cost of Die-Cutting is calculated from a setup charge and then a run on cost per 1000.


We are able to offer a number of finishing options for our cards, these options are detailed beside each card.

Special Shapes

We can die-cut Postcards of A5 size and upwards in to any shape you can think of! This cost is incurred only once. On subsequent runs we can use the same forme again. Please submit your design for us to price the forme required.

in a range of special sizes. Simply price as the next card size up. We make no additional charge for cutting special size cards.

E.g. For a 210mm x 210mm card simply look at A4 card (210mm x 297mm) pricing.

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