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Poster Printing in Colchester and Ipswich

Poster printing in Colchester

Posters and banners are the ideal marketing tool for those looking to promote their brand, event or product at a trade show, conference, event or any other public location. Our banners and posters can be mounted for sturdier displays, or roped and eyeletted to enable them to be attached to railings, gazebos and more.

Use posters and banners to highlight your brand name and logo at markets, festivals or other events. The benefit of posters and banners is that they can be placed anywhere and are easily moved - making them a low cost and visible marketing tool to be used again and again.

For Poster design, contact our sister company Stuart Design.

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  • Silk and Matt coated stocks are sealer varnished and are not suitable for over printing.
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Using our Agfa high definition printers, with the very latest piezo-electric inkjet technology, we are able to produce Big Images of exceptionally high definition at 720dpi, up to 1524mm (60 inches) wide.

Ink Selection

Dye Based Inks for Indoor Use

Indoor use Big Image Posters are printed using Dye Based Inks.
Dye Based inks produce extremely vibrant colours and are
very economically priced. It should be noted that Dye Based Ink posters will fade if exposed to sunlight or any other UV light. Used away from such light their life is virtually unlimited

Solvent Based Inks for Outdoor Use

External use Big Image Posters are printed using Solvent Based Inks. Solvent Based Inks are guaranteed stable against UV light exposure for up to three years. In practice the durability may be expected to be in excess of this. Solvent Based Inks are completely waterproof and can be printed directly on to a number of non-porous stocks.


We offer a range of materials, some are suitable for either Dye or Solvent Based Inks and some are suitable for both.
The material range is:

  • 180gm Photorealistic Matt
  • 180gm Photorealistic Gloss
  • 195gm Photorealistic Gloss
  • 140gm Wet Strength Paper
  • 140gm Wet Strength Paper
  • 200gm Silk
  • Back Lit Film/li>
  • Banner Vinyl


We offer several types of finishing for our Posters and Banners. The different types of finish available are described below.


Double sided Lamination using 43 micron plastic fi lm is standard on our 180gm Photorealistic Matt paper. This protects the surface and makes the print less vulnerable to scratching. Lamination is not offered on 195gm Photorealistic Gloss or 200gm Photorealistic Silk. These materials have a surface effect in their own right which is completely masked by Lamination.


Encapsulation is similar to Lamination except that the plastic extends beyond the edges of the poster and seals together. This makes the Poster eff ectively waterproof and extremely durable. Encapsulation is available in three grades: 43 micron, 125 micron and 250 micron per side. Whilst Encapsulation is offered on 195gm Photorealistic Gloss or 200gm Photorealistic Silk we would recommend using 180gm Photorealistic Matt paper if Encapsulation is required since it off ers cost savings over the other materials and the end result is close to indistinguishable.


Mounting Posters on to 10mm Centafoam makes a rigid display which looks particularly appealing and is ideal for use in exhibitions and presentations.

Please Note: The cost of packing large Foam Mounted Boards to make them safely transportable can be considerable. Please check at the time of ordering.

Roping & Eyeletting

Banners on Banner Vinyl can be eyeletted and roped to allow for external hanging against a building or fence or across a street. The edges are folded and bonded to make double thickness prior to eyeletting for maximum durability. If your specific requirement is not covered please contact us for a bespoke quote

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